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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Charles B. Murphy Elementary School

Click here for a teacher’s memories of Pearlington’s school.

Now, Charles B. Murphy is the empty field shown in this picture.

All but the gym and the library have been torn down at this much beloved school. The children of Pearlington are being bused to school in Kiln, a little over 20 miles away. And yes, that's the Kiln that is the home town of Brett Favre.

Throughout the year, the school has served as headquarters for volunteer efforts. The gym is still being used as “Pearl Mart,” a place to distribute food and supplies to the needy and a place to coordinate volunteer efforts. The library is being used as a bunkhouse for volunteers. Additionally, there are volunteer huts built by the Navy Seabees sitting on the old football field, along with RVs, tents, a food tent, showers, port-a-potties, and a laundry shed.

Everyone speaks with such fondness of Charles B. Murphy School. It was a great little neighborhood school, and I haven't met a Pearlington local yet who isn't sad and angry over the fact that it is gone.

Busing elementary children to a town twenty miles away is only a temporary solution. Hancock County will eventually rebuild, but they have no plans to rebuild in the same location, and they are far away from beginning construction no matter what they do. The children of Pearlington will still be educational refugees for perhaps several years to come.

If you would like to help the children of Pearlington, they do need school supplies and school uniforms. You can contact Laurie Spaschak at Pearl Mart for more information:
mississippilaurie at yahoo dot com.


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