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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are desperately needed in Pearlington. With the one year anniversary approaching and a new school year starting, people are just not signing up for mission trips to the Gulf Coast like they have been this past year. Please understand that there is still so much work to be done, and there are limited funds. The only real hope of recovery is through volunteer labor.

We need people with construction skills and people with muscles. If you have the know-how to build a house but just don’t feel like you can do the work like you once did, grab a few teachable college students and come on over. You can supervise while they work. Likewise, if you have the muscle power and the stamina but just lack the experience to feel confident about volunteering, find someone who does have building experience to bring with you.

If you’d like to help but just can’t get to the coast for whatever reason, there are still things you can do.

(1) Keep the story going. Let as many people as you can know what’s needed on the Gulf Coast and what they can do to help.
(2) Have a fund raiser. If you can’t help build, help buy building supplies. Every little bit is as appreciated as it is necessary.
(3) Help query charitable organizations for possible grant opportunities. As much as anything, we need people who can help connect those in need with the people who have the resources to respond to those needs. If interested in this, please let me know. sgerald109 at Comcast dot net.
(4) Send supplies. If you know of a group coming to the coast to work, send food, cleaning supplies, Home Depot gift cards, school supplies or whatever you think the people of Pearlington might be able to use with them.
(5) Actively recruit volunteers. Suggest in whatever outlet you have that people who are able come to the coast to help out. If you have a blog, blog about it. If you are part of a church or civic organization that does volunteer projects, talk to people at home about adopting Pearlington as a project.
(6) Pray. The people of Pearlington and the people all along the Gulf Coast region need as many prayers as they need drywall screws. Please don’t forget them.

The volunteers have been coming to Pearlington all summer, but they are especially needed after the school year starts this fall. Please do what you can to spread the word.


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