Blogathon for Pearlington

Thursday, July 20, 2006

We Love Pearlington!

I'll be telling a lot more about Pearlington next Saturday when we blog here for Blogathon 2006.

For now I just want you to get a little glimpse of Pearlmart, the old school gym that has been turned into a kind of survival center for the distribution of food and other necessities and for the coordination of volunteers.

If you look closely at the backboard to the basketball goal, you can see the flood line. This is how high the water got in the school during Katrina. It rose even higher in other parts of Pearlington. Now imagine an entire town--full of hopes, dreams, families, pets, life savings, and childhood treasures--washed away in all that water. That's Pearlington.

Come back next Saturday, July 29, for our 24-hour blogathon in support of Pearlington. And if you are able, please don't forget to make a donation. Funds collected through our blogathon will go to the University Baptist Church (Hattiesburg, MS) Pearlington Recovery Fund. You'll find a link to the church PayPal account for online donations in the sidebar of this blog.


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