Blogathon for Pearlington

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Ken Short

Ken Short is one of the more remarkable people to be met in Pearlington, and he’s not at all shy about telling you about everything he and his neighbors have been through and what they’ve managed to do by working together and pretty much anything else you want to talk about. CBF helped Ken some by sending volunteers and supplies, but he and his wife Cathi basically rebuilt their home themselves. They worked long and hard and were among the first in Pearlington to move back into a completed home. Through all of that they helped as many other people as possible, including Jesse Dickens, their 87-year-old neighbor whose home was also destroyed. Ken also decided to become a Christian in the aftermath of Katrina after talking to various church volunteers who came to work on his home.

As more than one Pearlington volunteer has discovered, sometimes listening to people is the greatest gift you can give--or receive.

The above photo is from the side of Ken’s rebuilt house.


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