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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ada and Sunnie Palode

Two of the most loving people I've met in Pearlington are Ada and Sunnie Palode. Pictured to the left is Ada with Charles Holmes of CBF. Below is Sunnie with two of their eight children and Bruce Greer, a volunteer from Denver.

Ada and Sunnie spent some time living in tents last fall before getting their FEMA campers. Obviously, ten people could not live in one camper, so Ada lived in one with the girls, and Sunnie lived in the other with the boys.

Ever considerate, Ada is a woman who understands the way to the hearts of tired, overheated teenage volunteers. One afternoon I saw her demonstrate this as she dragged out a box of freezer pops for a group that was positively drooping under what little shade there was to find at the site of Ada's new house. Faces lit up, and bodies perked up, ready to get back to work.

Ada is also the first to tell anyone who comes along that God is taking care of Pearlington, and God is taking care of her family. She's also the first to pass out smiles and hugs even in the midst of her own devastation.


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