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Saturday, August 26, 2006

What to Read?

Hello again! Sharon has asked me to pinch hit for her this weekend, and I'm glad to be here. Though I haven't been writing, I have been reading Sharon's posts, and, as the school year begins, I can't help but to think of all of the students in Pearlington who are heading back to school. I wonder what they have in the way of recreational reading--in fact, I wonder what the whole town has in that regard. My guess is, not much.

Because reading anything in your down time is good for you and sets a good example for your kids, I'd like to find ways to get books to Pearlington--to either augment an existing library space or to give each person a gift book. What I don't want to do is to open the town up to a flood of very used books that are too worn out to read. And yet, having spent the last two weeks packing and sorting my books, I do know that I've sent some decent books to Goodwill that could just have easily gone to Pearlington.

So, here's what I'd like to propose-how about a "Buy a Book For Pearlington" drive this Fall? We could canvas those of you who live in Pearlington about what books you'd like to have, and then set up a wish list on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, so that contributors would be able to send a book directly. Hmmmmm. The only problem with that is what happens when you're the one person on the wishlist who doesn't get anything? What can we do about that?

This is an idea that is worth pursuing, and I'd like feedback from everyone, Pearlington residents and blog readers alike.


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