Blogathon for Pearlington

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Thanks, Or, Since We Don't Have a Snazzy Toteboard,

Let's pound our keyboards in finger- tapping appreciation to:

Frykitty, Blogathon's organizing genius, for posting us to their site today;

Nell, for making a donation and for getting the word out to her church;

Patty, , who belongs to an online animal rescue group and is willing to help Pearlington folks. Email her at nahnahnah at aol dot com.

Lucy, for pledging money and spreading the word at her church,


Suicidal Mickey Mouse, for stopping by just to say that he liked Fr. Mychal's prayer.

Good on ya, as my New Zealand cousin-in-law would say.


  • I don't think many people realize the full story of the damage in MS and LA.....the camper story really got to me. What waste of money. If not for the efforts of real people spending real time together helping each other DO something constructive, no pun intended, what might be the situation today, almost a year since Katrina washed away so many people's everyday lives?

    Someone should make a documentary of this.Include scenes of all those towns before the event and after...of the efforts since to restore the lives wrecked by this event....I am not a videographer, but it would be a fabulous project for someone capable to tackle, in my opinion.

    By Anonymous lucy, at 8:30 PM  

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