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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Oh, Crap. Or, SupPort-a-Pottie

Now, before you all get on my case about my language, let's pause for a second and remember that the first toilet was named for a Mr. Crapper, so there's a dignified lineage to this, ummm, earthy word. The laurels, however, go to Mr. Albert Giblin for inventing the contraption.

But enough about 19th century British patent holders and plumbing inventors.

Pearlington needs porta-potties. Volunteer "Canada Jon" White makes this very sensible point in a document written for C.O.D.R.A.( The Coalition of Disaster Relief Agencies in Pearlington):

I am asking for groups who are interested in supporting the provision of a Port-a-Pottie, or two. It’s not that expensive and we need your help. We cannot continue to ask volunteers to come and help in Pearlington if we cannot even meet their very basic of needs.

The Port-A-Potties cost about 125.00 dollars per month to maintain, so Canada Jon asks that folks, individually or in groups, commit to a year's worth of support.

You can get more information by emailing him: jonw at bconnex dot net , and write "SupPort-A-Pottie Program" in the message bar.

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