Blogathon for Pearlington

Saturday, August 05, 2006


I'm writing from sunny (and hot) Maryland, far, far away from Pearlington. Up until Katrina, I'd never heard of Pearlington, much less been there. And now, thanks to the internet, here I am, the other half of the Pearlington Blogging team.

Let me introduce myself, briefly, for those readers who are from Mississippi and who are friends of Sharon.

Sharon and I are both college English professors who met through the blogs we write about teaching. I teach at a community college in Maryland, specializing in developmental reading and writing, and have found blogging to be an important facet of my professional life, providing a conduit for discussing ideas and lesson plans with colleagues all over the country. Because blogging is a very easy platform for online communication, I have been putting out the word to help Pearlington for the past several months. Clearly, as a nonresident of Pearlington, I can't speak to the immediate needs with the direct clarity that Sharon can, but I hope that my sincere concern as an educator can make up for this lack.

So here's what I'll be doing on the hour. Each hour, I'd like to present some links that Sharon sent me which showcase the volunteer work being done, the residents of the town and the needs that still exist, nearly a year later. I hope that readers will be moved to donate a dollar or more today, or send supplies to any of the organizations listed within my posts or on the blogroll.

Don't forget that donations include prayers. Whether you belong to a faith group or are agnostic or a nonbeliever, send us your prayers and positive thoughts, because they are what motivate the rest of us to keep at it.


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