Blogathon for Pearlington

Monday, July 17, 2006

You Say You Want To Blog Along With Us?

Here's what it involves:

1. leaving your information as a comment to this post;
2. deciding when you would like to blog and for how long. You can do one hour (that's two posts), two, three, four, five or six, and you can blog in sets, that is, commit to six hours that you'll do in two three-hour sets;
3. being willing to post on this blog rather than your own (though we will be putting your blog on our blogroll);
4. alerting you family, friends and fauna that this is serious business and you can't do anything until you've done your stint;
5. asking family and friends to supply you with only the finest beverages and snacks during this time and forever;
6. having an abiding interest in writing about anything during the blogathon. I will probably work on my long overdue paper from this past spring, or mayhap I will begin developing my syllabus for Mythology, The Secret Language .

Interested? Let us know!


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